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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Digital Collections?

    The Digital Collections unit at Princeton Theological Seminary Library builds and curates digital library collections and creates web-based applications for access and use of those collections. Our digitized materials include books, journals, audio recordings, and manuscript collections. For details, see our list of projects.

    Our digital collections will expand over time as more of the Seminary Library’s holdings are digitized and as we incorporate relevant public domain materials digitized elsewhere.

  • What is the difference between digital collections and library databases?

    Unlike the free public access to copyright-cleared materials provided by our digital collections, library databases represent fee-based content that is licensed to the library by commercial publishers for restricted institutional use.

  • Do I need any specialized software to use these digital collections?

    No. The digital materials presented here are accessible simply with an Internet connection and a web browser. Viewing PDF documents requires software capable of displaying such documents, but most web browsers can already display PDF documents.

  • What am I searching when I search this site?

    When you enter a search query in the Search box, you are searching bibliographic records (title, author name, etc.) across all of our digital collections. The search returns results that match your query and identify the particular collection containing that resource.

    Titles within the search results are links that allow you to navigate directly to that specific digital resource within the collection that houses it.

    Note: The Theological Commons includes not only a bibliographic record (title, author name, etc.) for every digital resource it contains, but also a complete textual transcription of the content of each text-based resource (books and periodicals). To search both the bibliographic data and the complete text, use the search box in the Theological Commons. The same is true for Guides to Manuscript Collections; the Princeton Lectures on Youth, Church, and Culture; and a small number of journal issues in Princeton Seminary Journals.

  • What policies govern the use and reuse of material available through Digital Collections?

    Most of our digital collections can be freely downloaded and reproduced for personal or non-commercial use. Some digital materials have modest additional restrictions, which are posted at the location of those materials. Any commercial use of the content requires written permission from the Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Please contact us with your request.

  • How do I print a digital resource from your collections?

    You may print the page you are viewing by using your web browser's print feature (typically File → Print) or by clicking on the printer icon (printer icon) located at the upper right of each page. Some resources are best printed by first clicking the PDF icon (PDF icon) in the toolbar of the image viewer to obtain a PDF document of the resource.