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What am I searching?

When you enter a search query in the Search box, you are searching bibliographic records (title, author name, etc.) across all of our digital collections. The search returns results that match your query and identify the particular collection containing that resource.

Titles within the search results are links that allow you to navigate directly to that specific digital resource within the collection that houses it.

Note: The Theological Commons includes not only a bibliographic record (title, author name, etc.) for every digital resource it contains, but also a complete textual transcription of the content of each text-based resource (books, journals, theses, transcriptions of audio recordings, etc.). To search both the bibliographic data and the complete text, use the search box in the Theological Commons. The same is true for Guides to Manuscript Collections; the Princeton Lectures on Youth, Church, and Culture; and our Web Archive.

Searching Tips

  • Use double quotation marks for exact phrases:

    "early church"

    "social progress"

    "sermon on the mount"

  • Search for items containing all of the specified words:

    "New Testament" apocrypha

    Finds items containing both the phrase New Testament and the word apocrypha

    Alternatively, use AND explicitly:

    "New Testament" AND apocrypha

  • Search for items containing any of the specified words:

    covenant OR promise

    "king james" OR authorized

  • Search for words starting with the specified letters:


    Finds homily, homilies, homiletics, etc.


    Finds justification, justify, justified, etc.

  • Use - (minus sign) to exclude words:

    missions -China

    Finds items containing missions and not containing China

  • Use title: to search only within titles, name: to search only within author names, or no prefix to search all fields. Combine prefixes to search different fields simultaneously:

    Jerome title:translation

    Finds items where any field contains Jerome and the title contains translation

    title:psalms name:Augustine

    Finds items where the title contains psalms and the author name contains Augustine

  • Combine the techniques above to compose arbitrarily complex queries, using parentheses as needed:

    ("Old Testament" OR "Hebrew Bible") AND prophe*

    Finds items containing either Old Testament or Hebrew Bible while also containing words such as prophecy, prophet, prophets, prophetic, etc.

    "practical theology" AND (title:introduction OR title:manual)

    Finds items containing the phrase practical theology anywhere in the text and containing either introduction or manual in the title


  • With the exception of AND and OR, which must be entered in all capital letters, the search engine ignores case. Capitalizing proper names is harmless but unnecessary.
  • The search engine ignores diacritic marks in search keywords. Searching for Zockler returns the same results as searching for Zöckler.